Excavators & Prices

Excavator TypePrice + GST / Hour
4.5 Tonne$98.00 + GST
4.5 Tonne Combo$110.00 + GST
4.5 Tonne & Auger$133.00 + GST
5 Tonne$101.00 + GST
5 Tonne Combo$115.00 + GST
5 Tonne & Augers$131.00 + GST
5 Tonne & RockBreaker$141.00 + GST
8 Tonne$112.00 + GST
8 Tonne & Augers$160.00 + GST
3 HR MIN.HIRE - DAY / 4HR MIN.HIRE - NIGHT - Incl travel
Excavator TypePrice + GST / Hour
14 Tonne - Tilt Bucket / GP Bucket / Pick$125.00 + GST
21 Tonne - Tilt Bucket / Ripper$135.00 + GST
21 Tonne - Tilt Batter Bucket / Ripper / Screen Bucket$155.00 + GST
21 Tonne - Tilt Batter Bucket / Ripper / Compaction Wheel$165.00 + GST
35 Tonne - Tilt Bucket / GP Bucket$145.00 + GST

Why Choose Coastal Tipper Hire?

Coastal Tipper Hire has a range of quality excavators available. Whether you need one to clear a site or for fine cut and trim work we have you covered. We have a range of attachments available for hire that will make life on your worksite a lot easier.
This attachment will speed up the process of breaking down large rocks or material.
Need a surface flattened and evened out this is the attachment for you.
Stop wasting money on labour to move objects around the site. Use this fork attachment to move heavy or hard to carry objects.
Finding the material you are working with too tough. User the ripper to loosen it up.
Need holes of varying sizes drilled for fences or piles. The auger attachment will get the job done.
Does your project call for a rock wall or tree removal? The rob grabs attachment will make it easy.

Client Testimonials

“…Coastal Tippers run a fleet of modern trucks and bobcats, which is supported by a team of professional drivers…”

Wayne Boston CEO | RPQ Group

CEO | RPQ Group

“…their trucks are of the highest safety standard and I am proud to say that we have a great safety record with their company…”

Ward Burdkin

Superintendent | Seymour Whyte

“…their drivers are of a high calibre both in the presentation, attitude and skills.”

Drew Cotter

SEQ Distribution Manager | Downer

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