Quarry Product Prices / Metre (GST Not Included)

All Prices Are GST Exclusive
Quarry Products Price + GST2 Metres3 Metres4 Metres5 Metres6 Metres
Cracker Dust$170.00$195.00$205.00$240.00$260.00
20mm Roadbase$190.00$220.00$250.00$280.00$310.00
5/10/20mm Gravel$185.00$215.00$250.00$275.00$310.00
10mm Conc. Blend$205.00$240.00$275.00$310.00$345.00
Concrete Blend$235.00$290.00$345.00$400.00$450.00
All Prices Are GST Exclusive
Quarry Products Price + GST7 Metres8 Metres9 Metres10 Metres
Cracker Dust$285.00$305.00$330.00$350.00
20mm Roadbase$340.00$370.00$400.00$430.00
5/10/20mm Gravel$340.00$370.00$400.00$430.00
10mm Conc. Blend$380.00$415.00$455.00$490.00
Concrete Blend$505.00$560.00$615.00$660.00

Client Testimonials

“…Coastal Tippers run a fleet of modern trucks and bobcats, which is supported by a team of professional drivers…”

Wayne Boston CEO | RPQ Group

CEO | RPQ Group

“…their trucks are of the highest safety standard and I am proud to say that we have a great safety record with their company…”

Ward Burdkin

Superintendent | Seymour Whyte

“…their drivers are of a high calibre both in the presentation, attitude and skills.”

Drew Cotter

SEQ Distribution Manager | Downer

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