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Mobile: 0435 864 611

Our Quick Quoting System: Simply email us the following…

(1) A close up focused photo of the worst looking or damaged flooring areas.

(2) A photo of the worst looking or damaged flooring areas from a distance.

(3) The total size of the flooring area in meters squared (m2), number of steps etc.

(4) If repairs are to be done please include the dimensions and species if known. An example of a floorboard description may be: 130mm wide x 19mm thick American Oak.

(5) Please remember to also include your full name, property address, mobile phone number and when the work can/needs to be done on your email.

PLEASE NOTE: To get the square meterage total of a floor space simply break the area up into squares/rectangles, then in each room measure one wall by the other. An example might be: A room that is has two 6 meter length walls and two 5 meter length walls times 6 x 5 = 30 m2.

We accept: